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Created by REIT INNOVATIONS,  The Art of brings a set of live and digital activations that combine interactive entertainment, retail experiences and technologies that inspire and engage consumers.

 Different offerings that include:

Live Experiential Events for shopping malls incorporating brick and mortar brands while answering safety concerns in the new normal world;

  • An Online Portal with Live Streaming and Interactive Events;

  • An Omnichannel Edutainment Entertainment experience;

  • Data collection 

  • Integrated AR App with Rewards to encourage retail sales:

  • AR apps For waiting in lines for malls and for stores& brands:, fashion, retail, interiors, footwear, beauty, etc

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These events will feature an immersive art installation mixing music, animation and video to tell inspiring stories.

It’s an emotionally impactful experience that will bring to life different interpretations of Beauty from around the world.  

Branded Activations: Event guests will have access to branded / sponsored online and interactive experiences such as:

  • Virtual Training Sessions

  • Virtual Workshops

  • Virtual AR Photo Ops

  • Hands On Learning with Products

  • Online Retail 

  • Interactive Games such as Scavenger Hunts

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Game On will use cutting edge technology to bring the most amazing collection of E-Sports, immersive and interactive gaming experiences.

Experience Includes: Event guests will have access to branded / sponsored online and interactive experiences such as:

  • E- Sports

  • Virtual Reality Games and 5D Rides 

  • Meet Your E-Sports Heroes

  • E-Sports and Gaming Workshops

  • Retail including Clothes, Shoes, Lifestyle and Grooming 

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The Art of Wellness is an interactive entertainment, retail experience, that provides inspiration and tools to consumers that they can use to live life fully in the “new normal”. 

The Art of Wellness is a retail and entertainment activation hosted on a variety of platforms, that  will be customized for brands and will feature Wellness and Lifestyle.

This event can be designed as a temporary or permanent installation. 

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Influencers

  • Motivational Speakers

  • The Power of Healing Foods

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

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