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Past Work Gallery

Dark Knight Rises Exhibition
Live Aid
100th Anniversary - Eiffel Tower
Alice in Wonderland FIDM Fashion Show
Sex In The City Movie Premiere, New York Public Library
Coca Cola - Happiness Factory Mall Activation
BTS Museum Tour
Virtual Aquarium Mall Activation
The Guardians of the Millennium at The Dome, London
Gamer Influencers Interactive Exhibition Mall Tour
Mission Impossible Escape Room Tour
Oscar Niemeyer Interactive Exhibition
Guardians at the World's Fair, Germany
Comic Con X-Mes Escape Room
Coca Cola, World Cup Activation
NBA Interactive Experience
Unicorn Garden Interactive Playground
Ayrton Senna Interactive Exhibition
Tinker Bell at the United Nations
Generation Beauty by IPSY Convention
Cancer Education Interactive Mall Exhibition
Digital Christmas Interactive Exhibition
J&B Interactive Shelf
TMN Bluestore Concept Store
Loreal Sensorium Interactive Retail Shelf
Interactive Retail
Disney North America Blu-ray Mall Tour
Bradesco Retail Store
Formula One Interactive Exhibition
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